University RSA Submission

Brunch & Brew


Ulster University


Web & UX Design, Branding, Ideation & Problem Solving

Project Date

November 2019

How might we reimagine common spaces to build diverse communities through food?

This was the brief for the RSA Student Awards. The challenge was to create and develop a solution that helps bring people together using food as a catalyst. We worked on this project in Semester 1 as a two-week sprint. In class, we were split into groups of four to brainstorm the critical areas for our projects. Some of these included:

  • Care homes
  • Student halls
  • Care Homes
  • Festivals
  • Town Squares
  • Co-Kitchens
  • Food Trucks

Brunch & Brew

Bringing People Together

Brunch & Brew is a volunteering organisation which will work with young people aged 16 - 19. We will offer to pair them off with an older person in the care home, so every volunteer has a partner. They will host an afternoon tea and get to know one another over sandwiches and a cuppa. The idea is intergenerational as it's letting people from two very different age groups interact and converse with one another. It's also enabling them to develop social skills further and use their time for positive impact within the community. It has a community impact, and it's meeting the RSA brief requirements as it's bringing people together over food and tea.


I started the brief by carrying out the How Might We (HMW) statement to begin with my Point of View & problem statement to generate some ideas. Through beginning with this step, the HMW statement opens up ideas that can help me solve the design challenge.


I created low fidelity wireframes using paper. This helped me gain a better understanding of how to structure all of the website content. I wanted to create a minimal website but with enough icons, imagery and content to ensure it gives users all the information they need at a glance. So ideally, each section is easily discoverable.

The Final Outcome