Placement Year & Part Time Projects

Employability & Careers


Ulster University


Web & UX Design, Branding, Ideation & Problem Solving

Project Date

Sept 2018 - April 2020

My initial role within Ulster University Employability & Careers Department was a Web & Graphic designer. During these ten months of placement, I developed essential time management skills, organisational skills, and working as part of a large, diverse team.

My skills in front-end design developed further as I worked on them daily through various website redesigns on both the Employability Student Portal and also the Staff portal. I was then offered a part-time role as a Digital Designer to work alongside completing my final year of university.

Digital design also improved significantly through regularly assisting Employability colleagues in the design and development of digital communications, which were sent out on all student and staff emails and promoted across all of the Ulster University social media platforms.

The Graphic and Visual Design and UX were pivotal throughout my work, as user interaction was a key area I needed to focus on as I needed to approach all of my designs from a user-first perceptive. I was designing websites which help students achieve what they need quickly and effectively.

Some of the software I regularly used included the Adobe Suite, Sublime Text and GIT.

EDGE Leaflet

I redesigned an old flyer to promote Ulster's EDGE award. Created using InDesign, images from the image bank and ensuring the design and layout of the logo meet and followed the brand guidelines.

UU Create Enterprise Program

I was tasked with designing merchandise for an Enterprise program. Under tight time constraints, I used Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator to create lanyards, notepads, pens and certificates. The design was minimal with the UUCreate logo being used alongside the Ulster University logo. I then had to ensure that the merchandise incorporated the university's brand guidelines, following the positioning and colours scheme.

Email and Presentations

I design various email banners and presentation templates which are used daily to promote specific Employability services and events to students.

Social Media Marketing

Employability Posters

I produced the three main Employability & Careers posters to promote their key services.

Email Assets

Creating various plasma graphics to promote specific events across the campus. Ensuring the graphic was created following the brand guideline for the alignment and layout of text to images.