Current work as a UX/UI Designer





UX & UI Design, User Research & Prototyping

Project Date

July 2020 - August 2020

What is loyalBe?

loyalBe uses open banking technology to replace paper loyalty cards across multiple companies with a single mobile app, which will also function as a data-driven platform to help companies increase customer retention.

With technology and design trends moving at a fast pace, we wanted to refresh most of the user interface in order to create a more interactive experience for end users. A few new features have been built into the app over the year, so the new design needed to incorporate these in a way that makes most sense to its users, and be extensible to allow for more functionality to be added in the coming months and years.

My Role

As the sole UX/UI Designer at loyalBe, I led the redesign of the consumer website - We identified that the old website didn’t provide enough essential information for potential merchants to know how loyalBe could benefit their business. I was primarily in charge of all design aspects including all visuals, interaction design and responsive design of the website, whilst working closely with the developers to ensure that the website was developed in line with the designs.

What problem needs solving or improving?

As loyalBe continues to grow I realised both the navigation and accessibility of the previous website was limited. Therefore, it was important to redesign the entire website to help solve the problem that consumers were unsure of what exactly loyalBe was. We wanted to explain clearly what we could offer and how exactly our digital loyalty solution utilises Open Banking technology to make the process of rewarding loyalty seamless. So, both the entire user interface was redesigned whilst the user experience of the website was evaluated and tested.

Most importantly, we wanted to increase the number of businesses signing up with loyalBe. This was carried out through implementing two calls to action buttons. As a result of the redesign, there’s been a significant increase is business signups and in businesses booking a demo, to find out what our platform can do for their company.

Who is the website for?

The users of this platform include potential customers which are small to medium-sized businesses.

What is the value for the user?

  • Users (businesses) can directly access the key features of the app.
  • The information they want is visible on the landing page without having to visit multiple pages.
  • Less noise, therefore the most critical information is presented.
  • Users can see how to sign up to the platform
  • Users can easily book a demo to view an insight into how the product can be used for their business

What are our desired metric outcomes?

  • An increase in multiple action sessions
  • A reduction in the bounce rate for the new landing page vs previous design
  • An increase in monthly active users (MAU) as more businesses discover our platform