University Major Project



Ulster University


UX Design, Research & Prototyping

Project Date

April 2020

What is Bookmark?

Bookmark is an app to help encourage users to increase the reading habits. In 2018, only a shocking 51% of UK adults managed to read a book in that last year. With Bookmark I aim to change that.

The Problem

Reading habits are steadily declining, and there is no app on the market that enable users to have this gamification element to their enjoyment for reading.

The Solution

Bookmark will have a range of features and primarily five main screens for the users to switch between in the tab bar. These include Home, Books, Search, Reading Goals and a Profile screen. Bookmark is an app solely based on Android.

With Bookmark users can:

  • Track their reading habits
  • Participate in reading challenges
  • Set daily reading goals in hours or pages
  • Unlock achievements
  • Connect with friends
  • Read all new and relevant book reviews
  • Have three default bookshelves, Read, Currently Reading & Want to Read


of my users are 18 - 24


of my users are 25 - 45+


of users read every day


of users are interested in my app

Based on Bookmark survey of 109 users.

Initial Ideation Stage

I brainstormed some ideas around ‘How might we…’ through using this open question framework to guide my thinking and spark some ideas around major issues and how I could start to solve some of these problems.

Initial Logo Sketches

These are some initial logo ideas for Bookmark I created using Procreate. I used the concept of B being a physical book. I also liked the idea of incorporating an actual bookmark symbol into the word, possibly upside down to symbolise the M.

Logo Development

The idea behind creating the book icon was to convey two people sharing a book and reading it between them so it would demonstrate a sense of community. Which is one of the core principals behind Bookmark - to create a community of readers. I continued to experiment with different icons. I tried incorporating a book with a bookmark on it and then tried to develop this further through just using the bookmark icon on its own.

Final Logo for Bookmark

My final logo after a lot of brainstorming and experimentation. I pretty pleased with how it’s turned out, as I explored a lot of different options before finally settled on this particular idea.

Case Studies

Below are three case studies that go over the steps I took during my two semesters to create my fully functional prototype Bookmark:


Branding & Research

Final App Design