University Major Project



Ulster University


UX Design, Research & Prototyping

Project Date

Jan 2020

What is Bookmark?

Bookmark is an app solely based on Android, which will encourages users to increase their reading habits. One of the key reasons I wanted to create this app as there’s currently no app on the market that really enable users to have this gamification element to their enjoyment for reading. So, I wanted to change this through my major project.Bookmark will have a range of features and primarily five main screens for the users to switch between in the tab bar. These include Home, Books, Search, Reading Goals and a Profile screen.

With Bookmark:

  • Users will have the ability to keep track of their reading habits
  • Participate in reading challenges
  • Set daily reading goals in hours or pages
  • Unlock achievements
  • Connect with friends
  • Read all new and relevant book reviews
  • Have three default bookshelves, Read, Currently Reading & Want to Read

Initial Ideation Stage

I brain stormed some ideas around ‘How might we…’ through using this open question framework to guide my thinking and spark some ideas around major issues and how I could start to solve some of these problems.

Semester 1

Below are two case studies that go over the steps I took during my first semester to create my fully functional prototype Bookmark